Google Webmaster Tools and the percentile value in the search queries report

Google Webmaster Tools is becoming more sophisticated each day it passes, it is impossible to negate this. One of the most recent changes refers to the “Search Queries” report.

search queries report in GWT

This is a change that it is not visible immediately, unless you don’t click further on the link that brings you in the full report. That’s what is happened to me, and quite certainly to other people who has the – wrong – habit to concentrate their attention to the dashboard only.

If I would have clicked on the proposed link I would have discovered this new feature by myself. Anyway, the changes introduced regard three different percentile columns now available in the report.

 Search queries results in GWT: percentile values These are meant to provide an insight in terms of how much Impressions, CTRs and SERPs position have changed in the timeframe selected on top of the report.

The values are shown in two different colours, green and red, so users can immediately have the feeling of what is going right and what is getting worse. Data are also downloadable in a CSV format.

What does this really mean? Is Google slowly implementing a Web Ranking suite?

What do you think regarding these new changes?