Google Top Contributor Summit

There are quite a few communities around Google products and their services, some of them are official some other are not. I’ve personally decided to take part to the official one, and in a couple of years of hard work I’ve been nominated Top Contributor.

I haven’t been ordered by my GP to take part on this community; I did it because I believe in the power of the net, and in the fact that sharing the knowledge would help for a better world.

And it looks like Google is on the same page, as they have decided to give the online world and their power users a break awarding the incredible commitment shown by each of these members on which i’ve been shortlisted.

For this reason, this week I will be off in California attending a conference which will include some interactive training sessions held by the different products manager. I hope there will be someone that can explain in which way they factorize Google Trends numbers.

Not all the insight we’ll be shared on the net, so this is really a must-to-go event.

I’ll keep you posted with everything that can be revealed.