Authorshipping: content is no longer the King

In the SEO industry, there is a mantra: Content is King. Well, I believe the time to change has come.

A new Google experiment - overshadowed by the Google+ launch - will give gradually more importance to the author rather than the content itself.

The aim is to link the Google Profile (do you have one?) with the content you publish in the net while displaying a thumbnail underneath the link.

I’m not going to get yourself annoyed with technicalities on how to implement the new meta tag, but just for the sake of completeness to confirm your authorship you need to proceed as following:

  1. Links your content page to the Google profile page
  2. Add a reciprocal back link from your Google Profile to your content

While waiting for the global algorithm adoption, you have to complete a form to inform Google you did your homeworks.

Not so much complicate, huh?

You are not obliged to link your Google Profile if you don’t have one. However, while doing in this way Google may also show Profile information in search results, which once again will increase the probability for your content to be clicked.

Autorshipping or not authorshipping?

As I was saying at the beginning of this article, leveraging on the author will leave less space to the content, which won’t be anymore the King. Why? That’s simple, and I explain this with a question. How many times did you read a piece just because you trusted the author?

I’m not sure about you, but this happens quite often to me.

Once authors’ topics and writing style have been appreciated, or also their commentary and whatever they are used to say, it is quite hard don’t be tempted to read even articles whose title is not properly keyword rich and glamorous.

So, in a nutshell, the new King will be the author, because as soon as this new algorithm will be become effective, it is quite likely that we need to integrate a new piece in the SEO strategies: hiring the best WELL KNOWN copywriter.