Bing improves its quality guidelines?

It doesn’t matter if content is king. Search engines quality always matter, and when professionals SEOers come to this topic it is inevitable to talk about Google’s results.

It is a dual carriageways topic. From one side we have people who absolutely trust the quality of Google, in the other people who absolutely hate it.

However, there is a common sense that in the last years the amount of spam in the SERPs has massively increased, obliging Google to take serious action by realising many updates: Caffeine and Google Panda just to mention the last two.

On the contrary, no one talks about Bing’s quality, which I personally believe it’s definitely better offering more relevant results close to the top of the list.

What is my point here?

Considering Bing better than Google is certainly an opinion, but because people are so concerned about how to dominate on Google, quite often this results in a diminished market share, which so far was accounting for only 10%.

It is expected to become at least 20% with the recent Yahoo! integration and I guess it could be more if the guys on Microsoft will be able to make the right choices. One of this is advertising their better quality of results.

And guess what? It looks like they are going toward the right direction.

In fact, earlier this week they published on their blog a vademecum of what they ultimately consider for quality content and what to avoid while building up web pages.

Nothing we didn’t read in the past on marketing and SEO blogs, but it is interesting noticing that they ultimately encourage the adoption of social media strategies as well as the