Google+ has been launched

Everybody out of there is talking about the Google’s new social network, which has been launched last week. The reviews seem to be fairly positive, but the social network appears to be into an early phase yet.

I was on the pre-invite list and I spent some time during the week end to play around the new Google gadget.

is Google+ really better than Facebook?

It is very weird for me to write about something that I tested for less than four days, but it looks the net is so overwhelmed of information of the same nature, that I can’t wait longer if I want to stay in the tide.

In a nutshell, I believe Google+ is the missing link between Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, I believe the new Gadget is definitely better, and there are some reasons for this.

First aspect and above all is the fact to have a new tool that is completely blended with the search (and the other Google tools) environment. No matter where you are or what you are using. If you are logged into with your Google account, you will see a new branded new black toolbar, which on the right side will display the notifications just to remember you something has happened.

Second aspect: no more friends. Google+ clearly copied FriendFeed and the “circle” approach. But they shift the concept to the next level, introducing a very smart way to manage to who you are broadcasting your message. And on top of this there is a way to control your privacy, a point in which Facebook lacked for quite a long time.

It’s quite interesting and funny the fact that no PPC Ads are available, but I assume it’s just a matter of time.

At the moment, it looks like the people have joined to the new social network are exclusively working into the digital industry, which doesn’t allow me to properly judge how genuine the network could be and what the SEO advantages this would bring.

Of course this wasn’t supposed to be a full review of Google+, so for any news and further development stay tuned. See you on Google+