1...2...3... Flop: Facebook bind their services into an epic serie of fails

The long-awaited moment, the surprising announcement arrived. It was July the 7th when Facebook made its big announcement revealing to the world its new interesting and fantastic additions.

Well, after July the 7th a lot of people have instead turned to be very disappointed and the extraordinary news “baked” from Zuckerberg teams was instead something Google made three years ahead when they introduced Google Talk.

After the initial visitor spike, a lot of people abandoned the presentation.

Right. Facebook still offers a number of interesting features that are suitable for online marketing, but if Facebook intent was to move away users interest from the Google Plus launch (that has happened just one week earlier), well it’s evident Facebook made some mistake (well they have failed it is by far more correct).

What is my point here?

As after a couple of weeks, the rumours around the flop are still going around, it’s not so difficult believing why many people decided to relocate.

I’m not saying Facebook is going to die, because believe it or not, the most popular social network last year grown by 69%; simply, a new era has started, and with Google+ as a competitor Facebook can’t really make such big mistakes.

It’s too early to know what is going to happen, but stay tuned for any news.