Is social media annihilating blogging?

For some time now, social media has been taking over the lives of individuals all around the world. The Internet has thrown up a plethora of opportunities in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. There has been a general decline in people who want to write paragraphs to share their views or opinions and a significant rise in people who want to “tweet” or just throw in a few pictures.

Suddenly, blogging is something that people have seemed to overlook and only those who are genuinely interested in writing are still towing that line. People, who used blogs to tell their travel tales, simply upload images to Facebook and leave a line under it. No longer are people interested in writing about their visits to local restaurants – they simply tweet in their feedback in 140 characters or less.

Brands are willing to keep it alive

Usually, it is the other way ‘round – companies try to kill off things while people like to revive them or keep them alive on life-support. However, this is one weird case because it is the people, today, who are walking away from blogging and the idea of putting up regular meaningful and long content regularly. People lack the time but companies are looking for something else. They still see power in the words that end up on a blog and that means, they need blogs to stay up and running.

Brands are using blogs to reach the mass and inform about their products. They are using their blogs as resources to encourage people reading and to engage with them. There’s another line of thinking that’s bringing the future of the company to the people who buy their products. Effectively, as people move away from blogs, companies are recognizing the value of keeping this wonderful concept up and running.

Why is this needed?

Blogging is something that will never die out for businesses because, in the end, it all boils down to the way search engines find your website – content. As long as content is the prime denomination for visibility transactions on the Internet, there is little or no reason for worrying about disappearing blogs. The message that you give out, how you write it and how meaningful it is will always be more important than putting up a picture of the product that says absolutely nothing.

Blogs are also a great way for people to get in touch with the philosophies of a company or brand. It is very hard for companies to portray their ideologies through a simple product. The website still does that job but if you are going to talk about your ideologies everywhere, where are you going to make that sale? That’s where the blog steps in. Customer care, updates, and more are all you need to ensure that there is regular traffic on your blog, just to check up on your product or brand.

No matter how much you can think about Facebook and Twitter, the fact remains that Google is still bigger and more used than them all. Facebook and Twitter aren’t used half as much Google is, and to do work in an organization, you need to access this master of the Internet search. Moreover, no social media outfit, yet, has been able to sustain its popularity over a period of time. Companies like MySpace are just a shade of their past and Orkut is all but forgotten by a company that is, itself, trying to phase out its old and bring in the new (Google+).

At a time when all these social media websites are running wild, they may seem like the better option but if you are looking for meaningful information about anything, or just planning to promote your company through the Internet, then you need to reach out to the world of blog.