Bing Webmaster Tools Bug

Earlier this week I’ve discovered a bug in Bing Webmaster Tools. In a nutshell, the bug wasn’t affecting the tools usage, but it would have allowed everybody with a Bing Webmaster Tools account to download a data belonging to domain not part of their asset .

Yes, I know, it would have been quite interesting use this information for pitching purposes and for a while I’ve been tempted to not reveal my findings.

However, I’m a professional SEO, and I don’t need this kind of tricks to offer my SEO services. Therefore, I’ve preferred make the Bing guys aware about the bug.

Microsoft is not new to bug and software glitches, and the story tell us they are quite slow to react to this kind of communications. As this problem wasn’t apparently visible, a long email exchange has occurred between the Microsoft support team and me.

However, after some failed attempt they requested me to create a video in order to show them how to reproduce the Bing Webmaster Tool bug. I did it (with my very strong Italian accent, and some grammar mistakes) and BOOOM finally I’ve got the interest of someone in their team.

Now the bug has been fixed, and my soul is a bit more relaxed. Hopefully, you agree with me I did the most appropriate thing.