Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools show an SEO report

Google+ and +1 button now show the interaction between the new social gadgets and the Google profiling tools.

In Google Analytics it appears to be available only on the new interface under the Social tab, whereas for the GWT panel, as there is not a transitional interface, this appears just in the middle of the dashboard menu, and it is called +1 Metrics.

Why the Analytics and Webmaster Tool interaction sounds good?

The most interesting point regards the Analytics innovation, which seems to be able to report people who socially engage in your content, from +1s to Facebook Likes, to commenting and Tweeting the content.

It is interesting because so far such interactions was available only creating a customized filter, which it is not immediate as much as clicking on a tab.

In my opinion, the most interesting report will be the Audience one, which aims to segment people who interact with a web site classifying them by age and gender (from the few screenshots I’ve seen around). Let’s pretend something like ComScore, but web site specific.

This is quite interesting and it ultimately confirms the necessity to have access to the Google accounts of any customer if they use G services, in particular for the pitching phase.