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Delete all appointments and contacts from Windows Mobile

Having a PDA and Windows Mobile is not always synonymous of usability. To delete all appointments and all contacts previously synchronized with Active Sync is not simple. There isn't a button, an hidden key, a native tool, perhaps with 200 password, that will clean up your listing without drive your pencil to the hard reset (meaning the PDA back...

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Solving the SPAM problem with the Grey list

The problem of SPAM is becoming something unbearable. Garbage sending such as Viagra pills, Drugs, pirated software, cloned watches etc., has become a job for a restricted number of people that I won't ever understand, but that create a lot of annoyance to everyone - including myself. Most of the e-mail systems currently use a very basilar SPAM...

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Internet Explorer, printing error in preview.dlg on a web page

The day before holiday closing, a customer who recently we developed a website calls me and say “Did you see our website? It says it’s impossible to print due to an error on script xyz”. At the first moment, I got down from the clouds, also because AFAIK the print function is independent of the website showed. Besides, the customer wasn’t using a...

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