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8 golden rules for a perfect website

More than often when I talk with people who are interested in a new web site, I realize they are not completely aware about the top common rules a web site should respect. Because I always repeat myself, I thought it was a good idea summarizes some of them in the following list. Hopefully, some of these people will come by my web site and find the...

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Bing and the expanded results

In the past few days, many posts have been published about Bing. That’s because on the 24th of August, the engine has finally completed the "merge" of its algorithms with Yahoo!, and started providing results generated by a common algorithm for both the search engines, which estimates about 20% of the daily internet users (at least in the EMEA).

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Should I buy PPC ads if I rank organically?

You have optimised your website, and now it ranks in the top ten for all your major keywords and second page for several others. Of course, the website ranks first position for the brand name. The question, at this point, is: should you pack in the pay-per-click (PPC) adverts? You may want to do so, and I normally agree with that, and investing...

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Google Analytics: merge the traffic from the whole domain

A couple of days ago I got a small issue while working on a google analytics account, with the site tracked shown as a traffic source without no apparent reason. After some investigation, the problem has been identified. The web site was serving its contact module with an SSL protocol under a subdomain. The problem was neither the SSL certificate...

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Digital signage solutions for the 22nd century

As of today, I started working in a media agency in London, a BIG worldwide media agency. In all honesty, I would have never imagined this to become possible, but that is what I was pursuing with my relocation to the UK: an interesting job opportunity. At lunch time I met some of my new colleagues working with digital signate and offline marketing...

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HTML5 and SEO: how the new syntax will influence search engine optimisation?

Later on 20th of January (or something like that), YouTube launched a fascinating experiment, introducing new video format for supported browsers, which rely on new HTML5 syntax. It appears that the new standard, under development since 2007 (first draft was in 2008), is part of it. Ok, it may be too earlier, but considering all the new browsers...

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