Displaying click count next to the PPC Ad

This doesn’t sound a SEO news, but as a matter of fact it affects the SEO sector. Also, as sometimes it happens, this is still a Googleexperiment, therefore, it has not been deployed to all, so there are chances you can’t see it.

Google has confirmed with Search Engine Watch that they are testing a new feature in AdWords that will display a click count beneath select advertisers’ PPC ads.

What does showing the click count in SERPs mean for sites?

Let’s say one of these ads shows up next to your entry in the SERPs, I would bet that as soon as users see that an advertiser has an x amount of clicks, they are likely to click on that ad rather than the organic result.

This won’t mean the landing page is going to provide the answer users are after, but it could represent a big issue with customers, to which we should now justify the deep of incoming visitors and the higher PPC CPA.

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