Automate your AdWords PPC campaign

Managing a PPC campaign could be sometimes a pain, especially if you need to make adjustments on a daily basis to make your bids more competitive or deactivate some keywords that you are aware are not performing at a particular day time.

So far, all this action was confined to manual actions, and everybody who works into the PPC and Search Engine Marketing Industry knows how much time this requires.

Luckily for us, the guys in Google are always enhancing their platform and a couple of days ago they released the AdWords Automated Rules.

What AdWords Automated Rules Does?

The new feature let you schedule automatic changes to specific parts of your account based on the criteria that you specify. For example, automated rules make it easy to:

  1. Change your daily budget on peak shopping days
  2. Modify your Max CPC bids based on CTR or conversion rates
  3. Enable ad text directing users to a promotional landing pages late on a Sunday night

Automated rules give you the flexibility to make changes to a single part of your account or across multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords at once.

Happy PPC campaign to everybody.