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Sharing the knowledge: a strength or a weakness?

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One of the big challenges we have today with Internet is sharing the knowledge. It could sound strange, but this is something I notice on a daily basis. Most of the articles, papers or stuff that can be freely downloaded or read through blogs or web site are a pure re-elaboration of material that has been previously published. So, if we really “normalize” the elements, de-duplicating the material we can see that a lot of stuff is useless.

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Document readability as SEO factor?

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Google’s Matt Cutts on 28th of January announced the launch of a new algorithm intended to better detect and reduce spam in Google’s search results and lower the rankings of scraper sites and sites with little original content. This has been then recently followed by the Google Panda update (or Farmer update if you prefer) that ultimately targeted those site whose link strategy it is not … ehmmm “properly the best”.

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How to calculate the keyword density with Excel

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Microsoft Excel, unlikely Word, doesn’t provide a feature to count how many characters are contained into a cell. A spreadsheet has a different scope, after all, so we can’t in theory complain with this. However, more than often a spread sheet is the best tool to be used, especially when to support the final considerations a “number” is required.

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