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Walk softly with Google Disavow Links Tool

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Perhaps last week when I published my article on the brand new Google disavow tool I did a mistake by making it too long and informative that people really didn’t get the essence of the tool and started sending me email on how they have finally sorted out all their bad backlink problems. NO! Your problems are all but sorted. Google itself suggests you may want to consider other remedies first, such as contacting the site owner, but this approach achieves limited and unpredictable success. Besides, how many webmasters will to take the time and expense of attempting to remove bad links that way when instead they can simply upload a txt file to Google? Before you decide to go that route let’s take a look at some of the potential pitfalls of the “disavow links tool.” If you are going to use the “disavow links tool,” let’s look at some of the things you […]

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Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster center are now finally realigned

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Although the recent “Bing It On” challenge launched by the Redmond Search Engine revealed user more satisfied from the quality of the Bing SERPs, the overall Market Share is still favoring the Mountain View engine that accounted during the last 4 years an average of 91.37% of UK users searching on Google. Figures have even risen since last July, perhaps in combination of the London 2012 Olympics, perhaps for different reasons. Whatsoever these are supposed to be, the preference is still there, although the quality of results is not always the best. People have been complaining for this since a while, and some of the most recent updates didn’t encounter my favor as well. I have twitted about this with an old colleague of mine, and we both agree the “old way” to limit domain results in SERP up to two was better than the “domain crowding” update (and perhaps better than the current EMD […]

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Why should companies continue to invest in PPC

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PPC is the easiest way to reach the top of the search engine rankings. All you need to do is purchase the ad which goes through a bidding system. Yes, of course there are some other variable like the quality score, how many competitors are playing in the same arena and so on. Generally speaking, this concept should be clear as crystalline water, but not all companies may be accustomed to this concept. As click costs rise, many companies who are already investing in pay per click marketing campaigns are looking toward hiring a search engine optimization company to increase their exposure and reduce their advertising spend. Something that can be seen also from the interesting graph below, generated via the new unified Trends and Insight for Search Google released in the occasion of Google’s 14th birthday.  A situation well likely generated by online marketers frustrated by click fraud and increasing click costs. What these companies often […]

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