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Solving the SPAM problem with the Grey list

in Internet

The problem of SPAM is becoming something unbearable. Garbage sending such as Viagra pills, Drugs, pirated software, cloned watches etc., has become a job for a restricted number of people that I won’t ever understand, but that create a lot of annoyance to everyone – including myself. Most of the e-mail systems currently use a very basilar SPAM recognition systems that can come for free or for a small allowance. Everything it depends by the provider where your e-mail is hosted. The way how these systems work is pretty straight forwards and consists into assigning a numerical value to the email once this has been received from the destination server. Such number depends from a number of factors like a DNS blacklisting, and once assigned to the single message act as a weight. The email before be delivered to destination mailbox is looked up with a system table values (not directly editable by the user) […]

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