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When Google locks your account

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If a “Sorry, your account has been disabled” message when attempting to log in to your account appears, that’s when your troubles are starting. Even if you believe that your account has been disabled in error and you are going to contact the assistance to let them further investigate into your situation, it’s likely you are going to be have some trouble for many hours. If to disconnect the service is a company like Google, and you are working in the digital marketing industry, then the pain may continue for many days (if you will ever have the chance to have your account restored).

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Sharing the knowledge: a strength or a weakness?

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One of the big challenges we have today with Internet is sharing the knowledge. It could sound strange, but this is something I notice on a daily basis. Most of the articles, papers or stuff that can be freely downloaded or read through blogs or web site are a pure re-elaboration of material that has been previously published. So, if we really “normalize” the elements, de-duplicating the material we can see that a lot of stuff is useless.

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8 golden rules for a perfect website

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More than often when I talk with people who are interested in a new web site, I realize they are not completely aware about the top common rules a web site should respect. Because I always repeat myself, I thought it was a good idea summarizes some of them in the following list. Hopefully, some of these people will come by my web site and find the rules useful, thus avoiding to ask me the same information once more. Do not misunderstand me. I’m happy to support people in their daily web-decision process. However, it is essential speed-up some of the task to be more efficient.

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