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Facebook apps to go SSL

Some days ago, Facebook announced that from October 2011 onward everyone interested into developing a Facebook App will require an SSL certificate in order to allow the application running.

I’ve been never involved into Facebook App, and I don’t want to start now. However, as I’ve been involved into some SEO recommendation for a Facebook App quite recently, reading the news means to acquire further knowledge that may be useful somewhere in the future.

The decision has of course an economic impact that cannot be ignored, especially if you deploy non-sense app just to show a splash screen or you’re a hobbyist. And that is going to happen even if you have used the personalized tab.

Leveraging a web more secure

Encouraging the SSL certificate adoption is not coming out of the blue, as earlier in January this year Facebook while in a Security Day, announced the possibility for their users to move their navigation experience entirely through an SSL connection (HTTPS).

Facebook connection pop-up

This of course increases the level of security, as all the information sent back and forth the Facebook servers are encrypted, but at the same time may let the user experience delay while loading pages and app.

In addition, and that is the point, as not all the applications are running on a server equipped with the SSL certificate, this mean that users are going to be redirected on a standard HTTP connection while they attempt the connection to one of those unsecured app.

So far, an informative page is appearing to inform user about the connection switch. Apart from the nuisance of clicking on the “continue” button, anything is happening now. However, October is the deadline and from then onward your app won’t work anymore unless you buy your certificate.

Of course commentary didn’t start to pop up, and a lot of people claimed they will delete their Facebook app.

Is Facebook undermining their social supremacy?

To be honest with you there are so many crap applications in Facebook that if some of them will be disappearing it can only mean having a sort of “natural evolution” process in place. So, if you are going to ask me whether or not I’m happy about Facebook to adopt SSL Certifcate for their app, my answer is “yes, indeed”.

And you, what do you think about their decision?

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3 Responses per “Facebook apps to go SSL”

  1. So, how i get a SSL domain?
    I’ve tried several times and nothing so far.
    Could you please help to put my app live and works with ssl?

    • Andrea Moro says:

      Hello Felpe,
      I”m afraid but I’m not a Facebook app developer, therefore I won’t be able to give you indication with this regards.

      About the SSL certificate, you can easily find a company that sell it for approx £50 a year or so.

  2. J2897 says:

    If it has to be signed by a CA, then it’s not about security. It’s about money.

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