About me

Search Engines Latin lover, highly organised and detail-oriented digital marketing professional with a passion for SEO technical topics living in Letchworth (Hertfordshire).

With 15+ years experience, I gained strong analytical skills and a broad range of computer expertise.

I have a true passion for the digital space, the web and the use of technology started back in 1994 when I designed my first web site using only Windows Notepad.

Passion and methodology support my daily job, and helped to improve my skills over time, giving me the chance to successfully collaborate with important EMEA brands like Burberry, Microsoft, Axa, Exxon Mobil. I have also successfully collaborated with SMEs operating in different domains like food, tourism, insurance, financial, health & software.

My area of expertise are:


  • Executing web page and landing page optimisation for both SEO and PPC, improving on-page and off-page factors;
  • Bespoken and natural link building acquisition to increase company reputation and brand awareness;
  • Social media channels management;
  • Web analytics platform setup and management
  • Data analysis to monitor the incoming traffic and optimise the customer journey;
  • Activate and run medium-sized PPC campaigns;
  • Social media campaign optimisation (SMO)


  • xHTML, CSS, Javascript;
  • Front-end Web designing (table-less and W3C compliant) hand coding and without WYSIWYG tools;
  • Design wireframes and prototypes to facilitate sites re-design or enabling A/B tests;
  • Basilar web-site mock-up with either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for both Windows and Mac;
  • C# and Asp.net knowledge;
  • Javascript / AJAX coding skills (either coding creation or use of existing frameworks);
  • CMS content management skills (WordPress and Drupal);

Other IT knowledge

  • PHP and Python (basic)
  • Classic legacy ASP (VB Script), Visual Basic 6.0
  • SQL Server up to 2005 and T-SQL language. Working scenario analysis, db structure projecting and DDL development (stored procedures, triggers)
  • Microsoft Access DB structure projecting (generally used for small web site)y; a bit of knowledge of Oracle, included PL/SQL
  • Ms Dos and Windows up to Windows Vista and Server 2003 edition
  • Mac OS X
  • IIS web server and MailEnable Mail Server administration
  • Microsoft Office up to version 2007 (Win) and 2010 (Mac), Open Office

Qualifications and awards